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Toronto personal injury lawyers working hard to protect the rights of accident victims.

Linett & Timmis is a boutique personal injury law firm specializing in representing accident victims and injured plaintiffs. They deal with complex legal issues on a daily basis, with over 30 years of experience ensuring their clients get the compensation they deserve.

The lawyers at Linett & Timmis understand that accidents don’t just happen. Many injuries are caused by the negligent or careless conduct of others. Linett & Timmis has a reputation for taking on challenging cases and delivering the results that personal injury victims deserve.

They develop strong relationships with clients, their families and health care professionals, and do everything in their power to provide the best legal service.

Linett & Timmis offers a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and how the law will potentially apply in your case. Their goal is to give you the information you need to make an educated decision about proceeding.

Contact Linett & Timmis now. It costs nothing to find out if you have a case. Let the experts advise you of your rights and what you are entitled to recover.

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"I was involved in a slip and fall accident. Mr. Linett and his staff provided professional and efficient service to ensure I was fairly compensated for my injuries. I greatly appreciated being kept informed through my case. I recommend Linett & Timmis to anyone who has suffered injuries as a result of a personal injury matter."


"If you are looking for the best lawyers who will treat you right and  fair, you are looking for Marc, Kathy and Guy. They put the client always first, and they have handled my case with great expertise. After meeting the wrong lawyers for my case, The Law Society of Upper Canada advised me to contact Linett & Timmis, and that was for the best. They care about me, I trust them as lawyers, and I talk to them as they are my good friends."


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