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Product Liability: Are companies responsible for damages caused by their products?

Manufacturers and retailers are responsible to consumers in ensuring their products are not defective or dangerous.

Product liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and vendors can be held responsible for the injuries their products cause. Such injuries include burns, broken bones and brain damage.

Injury can be due to flawed design, improper inspection of the product or failure by the manufacturer to explain to the consumer how the product should be used.

Whether it’s an electronic device, children’s toy, food item or car tire, manufacturers must ensure their products are designed and made safely. They must have quality control systems in place to prevent defective products from entering the market and should provide directions and warning labels to protect consumers.
In order to prove product liability, a victim must be able to show that his or her injury was directly caused by the use of a dangerous or defective product (more specifically, by the negligence of the product’s designer, manufacturer or retailer). Proving an injury requires photographs, medical records and bills for medical expenses. The intensity of the harm suffered by a consumer will determine the compensation that he or she will receive.

The personal injury lawyers at Linett & Timmis are experienced in dealing with consumer protection legislation and advising clients on damages that can be recovered in these cases. They will advise you of your legal rights and fight to obtain the financial compensation that you deserve.

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