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Occupiers’ Liability: Occupiers of Property Have a Duty of Care to Visitors


If you have suffered a personal injury while visiting another’s premises, you could be compensated.

Occupiers’ liability is an area of law which deals with the duties and responsibilities that occupiers of property owe to visitors. It is the occupier who must take the necessary steps to ensure that his or her premises are safe and do not cause injury or damage to others.

If you were hurt by a slip, trip or fall on another’s property due to a hidden hazard or defect (uneven stairs) or a foreign substance (ice, snow or water), then you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.

The Occupiers Liability Act applies to most, if not all, slip and falls that occur on both public and private property as a result of the owner’s negligence.

These include places such as homes, hotels, office buildings, shopping centres, airports, supermarkets, restaurants and construction sites.

Occupiers’ liability cases demand early and extensive investigation. The law is very fact-driven and one needs to look at all of the circumstances in determining whether an occupier is liable for an injury suffered by a visitor to his or her premises.

Do not try to negotiate these situations on your own. These cases are complicated. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Linett & Timmis to protect your rights and determine if you have a claim for your injuries.

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